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About Niagara Presents

Niagara Presents is a social enterprise that provides co-operative food product development, marketing and distribution support to independent Niagara based growers and processors of specialty foods.

The Niagara Presents social enterprise began preserving Niagara's bounty in 1997 by assisting home-based processors to market their products through Christmas Gift Baskets.

From these humble beginnings, the network grew quickly to the point where demand soon outgrew the production capacity of home kitchens.

In 1999, Niagara Presents' Commercial Kitchen and Retail Showroom were constructed in the grower-owned Jordan Frozen Foods building in Jordan Station.

Visit our showroom

Niagara Presents products can be found on the shelves of finer retail outlets, throughout Niagara and beyond.

Award Winning Social Enterprise

Niagara Presents is owned by the non-profit organization, Niagara Peninsula Homes.

As a social enterprise, we are in the business of specialty food production, sales and services, but also achieve social goals by contributing to the community.

As our business grows, so do the benefits to Niagara growers, and the processors and co-packers who use our facility.